Tuesday, 29 January 2008

No Questionnaire = No Swap

Hi All.

Sorry to have to be this harsh, but I've sent an email to those who haven't posted their questionnaire. Check your junk mail for an email from ukswap@hotmail.co.uk as that's me - Monica. Now this is the harsh part: If you haven't posted your questionnaire by Thursday when I check, you will be dropped from the swap. I don't want to have to do this to anyone so PLEASE respond to the email I sent. Thank you for understanding the need for response and contact with a secret swap.

P.S. Matches will be going out on Thursday Night / Friday. If you haven't received your match by Monday February 4th, please email me at ukswap@hotmail.co.uk. Deadline for contacting your match (remember it's a secret!) is Friday February 8th.



Rosie said...

mine's up but, despite all the help you've given on the blog, I still can't get in my sidebar. Hope you find it, anyway and sorry to be a pian!

Rosie said...

Sorted! thanks for your swift response and helpful email.