Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Blog Treasure Hunt List

If you need to refresh your memory, here are the rules.


1. Name 3 participants who are “Knitting Daily”

2. Name 4 participants who live in Cambridge.

3. Name someone who is learning a new craft (and what the craft is).

4. Name 3 participants who listen to Podcasts.

5. Name 2 participants who have taken part in Knitting/Crochet Olympics.

6. Name 5 participants with pets (and what kind of pets)

7. Name a participant who bicycles

8. Name 2 participants in the Hot Cocoa Swap.

9. Name the participant who is allergic to gluten.

10. Name 7 participants who dislike novelty yarn

11. Name 3 participants who knit socks

12. Name 5 participants whose favourite colour is purple

13. Name a participant who embroiders

14. Name a participant with their own Etsy shop.

15. Where is “home” for your hostess?

Bonus: Identify which participant knit this, and what it is! (Hint: this is part of an FO)


Anne said...

How many times are you allowed to use yourself as the answer?

monnibo said...

As many times as work!

Anonymous said...

This is addictive! (by the way, MY PARCEL HAS ARRIVED! I the first?)


Danielle said...

You could always try and answer without using yourself at all. It should be possible for everyone except the knitter of the FO (and possibly the knitting/crochet olympics people who are the only ones I haven't found yet).