Sunday, 3 February 2008

Everyone Got Matches?

If you have not got your match by now, email Vikki ( or I ( and we will make sure it gets resent.

Someone didn't get their match and wasn't sure if they were even in the swap. I mentioned earlier the "confirmation" was your name being added to the blog. But I will repeat for good measure: If your name is on the sidebar, you are part of the swap. So if anyone else is on the sidebar and hasn't received their match, email us.

There was also a question on Ravelry about the Topics of the Week contest. It's a bunch of questions so you get multiple entries to a final draw for First Second and Third prizes. Over the next couple weeks I will be "featuring" the different sponsors and the prizes.

While we're on the topic of contests, there will also be one MAIN contest, which will have the biggest prize of all! So stay tuned for more information about that contest!!


Charlie Chuckles said...

I know I'm such a pain but I still haven't got my match......please could you try sending it again or there will be a really disappointed partner out there!

Charlie Chuckles said...

Cheers for my match, Monica!