Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Round Two - Package Requirements

The following are requirements of the package if/when you join the Swap (sign-ups open May 19th). Please note that these are the minimum requirements. You are not expected to go over budget, or include all of the items suggested. There are links in the sidebar to help you with ideas and gifts to include. Please try to cater to your downstream pal's tastes as much as possible. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your hostesses at ukswap@googlemail.com.

• Minimum spending: £20 not including shipping.

As this is a themed swap there is one essential item:

• Something that relates to your swap pals chosen theme picture that they posted in their questionnaire. It could be yarn, a pattern, a book, a new knitting tool, treats, something hand-made/hand-knit for your partner or anything else you can think of! Remember to choose something they would like. You can send a themed package, or just include one or two items that relate to the picture your swap pal has chosen.

Optional items:

• Enough yarn for a small project (one hank/one skein/approximately 100-200 yards). Please ensure it is something your pal will like and use. It can be from your stash as long as it is new and has a label (or card if hand-spun/dyed).

• Yummy treats to eat or drink. Check out their preferences and try to send them something they will enjoy. (chocolate, tea, hot cocoa, coffee, biscuits)

• A new item to pamper/play with (soaps, bubble bath, candles, funny-joke toy, knick-knacks)

Don’t forget to double-check any allergies!

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Rosie said...

and don't forget to wrap things extra carefully: I've heard of choc melted into yarn, leaky handcream and other horrors...