Friday, 16 May 2008

Sign Up Information

• Sign-ups open Monday May 19th, 2008.
• Send the following information to the hosts at
• Emails sent to any of the hosts individual addresses will not be accepted
• You will know your application has been received when your name and blog link appears on the Swap Blog under Participants
Sign-ups close Monday June 2nd
• Questionnaire must be posted by Monday 9th June, however the sooner you post the questionnaire the easier it will be for us to match you. The questionnaire will be released on Monday 19th May.
• Being an Angel means that if someone’s partner doesn’t send a package or disappears entirely (knock on wood) that you are willing to step in and make a “rescue package” to send asap.
• Please remember you must be resident in the UK (apart from holidays) for the duration of this swap (June - 1st September)

Full Name:
Anonymous Email (Required):
Post Address:
Blog Address (if applicable):
Ravelry Name (if applicable):
Other Interests (this will help us when matching people):
Are handmade gifts ok?
Is your home smoke free and pet free?
Do you have any allergies to pets or smoke?
Are you willing to be an angel?
Have you participated in a swap before?
Are you willing to send to someone who does not have a blog?
Will you be away for more than 5 days from 9th June - 1st September? If so, could you let us know when.
Are you going to have more than one address (eg students heading home for the summer, people moving house)?

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