Friday, 22 August 2008

Treasure Hunt 2

This treasure hunt takes place on the sites of our sponsors. The closing date is 29 August 2008.

1) Which sponsor sells a 100% Bison down yarn?

2) Who sells yarns with the names 'Entwine' and 'Endure'?

3) Which sponsor sells the 'Ribbon of Hope' sock pattern, in aid of Cancer Research?

4) Who sells Mili knitting bags?

5) In whose store will you find Fish and Penguins?

6) Which sponsor sells a colourway named after one of the swap hosts?

Please email your answers to the swap email address. Do not post them on your blog.

Good luck! The winner and the prize (which will be provided by me, and isn't something you can buy in the UK), will be announced shortly after the closing date.


twigletqueen said...

Yay I'm so glad there's a second one! I spent ages finding all the answers for the last one and then forgot to send the email! I am a dolt.

CatR said...

My set of answers is emailed in! I think...

couthyquine said...

ooh I might make this one on time, I think!