Monday, 6 October 2008

Questionnaire Results.

Thanks to all 25 people who answered the questonnaire about round two. I thought it would be interesting for you to see some of the results:

Did you have a good swap experience in the UK Swap Round two?
The overall consensus was that it was an enjoyable swap.

Do you have any comments about the weekly questions
e.g. timing, appropriateness, whether you enjoyed then or not
It seems people enjoy reading the answers to the weekly questions even if they don't always answer them. They were seen as a useful insight into your pals likes and dislikes. Some people felt they should have been more knitting related, which we can certainly fix for next time.

Do you have any suggested improvements for the next round of UK Swap?
Setting an upper limit on pricing
Making yarn compulsory in the swap package
Having a question about "yarns you would like to try" in the questionnaire

Would you participate in a swap that has a handmade item as a requirement for the swap parcel?
Yes - 88%
No - 12%

Do you prefer your swap pal to be *

Anonymous 48%
I want to know who my pal is 2%
I don't mind 48%

Do you prefer a "themed" swap? *

Yes 28%
No 4%
Don't Mind 64%

What is your preferred budget for a swap? *
(Not including postage)

£10 0
£15 8%
£20 64%
£25 24%
£30 4%

Would you prefer a strict list of items that have to be included in a parcel? *
Yes 16%
No 80&
Other: One person said there should be some guidelines but not a strict list.

Do you have any ideas for future themes?
Favourite Books/Movies
Favourite period in History
Favourite Country
New Year, New technique
Girls night out
Science Fiction (alien theme)
British Themes - St George/St Patrick/ St Andrew/ St David
Best of British
Warm Hands
Home swap (things for the home, not houses!)
Gadget Swap
Ready Steady Cook/Scrapheap challenge

Is there any additional information you would like to see posted in the swap questionnaire?

Do you need stitch markers?
Separate out favourite colours from preferred yarn colours (as you may not always knit for yourself)
More along the "what kind of yarn would you be"
What haven't you tried that you would like to try?

Would you prefer a set date/week in which the parcel should be sent? *
Yes, a set date 56%
No, I prefer to send at my leisure 40&
Other: , one wanted a window of 1 month,

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