Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Obligations & Commitments

• This is a UK only swap. You must be living in the UK with a valid address (not P.O. Box) to send/received packages.

• The swap is scheduled to take place from January to March. Sign-ups open January 7th and will be open for two weeks. Matches go out the first week of February. Packages must be received by March 31st. [Calendar of Dates to come]

• This is a secret swap. Take a moment to create an anonymous email so you don’t accidentally give away your identity. Also make sure that when you send emails your real name does not come up. If you would like to send a test email to us at to check, we will email you back and let you know.

• This is not a Ravelry-based swap. You do not need to be on Ravelry to join the UK Swap.

• Having a blog is STRONGLY suggested. This is the perfect way to post your Questionnaire and link back to here! Also, when the list of participants go up, your name will link to your blog. This is a great way for your spoiler to get to know you.

• Because blogs are not required, an anonymous email IS required. You will need to provide the email for sign-ups so head on over to any email program and create an email that doesn't give away who you are!

• For those that do not have blogs, they will be asked to join a communal blog here at Blogspot. Blogspot allows multiple posters to a single blog so you will need a Google Account. At this communal blog, you will be able to post your questionnaire, and your swap swag. If you would like to create your own blog for the swap, please do.

• Keep in contact with your partner. Contact your downstream pal at least once a week. You can send them an email, an ecard, or comment on their blog. Remember to stay anonymous! Keeping who you are a secret is the most fun.

• You have over a month (after matches are received) to put together a great package suited to your pal’s tastes and preferences.

• There will be games and contests during the swap. These are optional, but the more people that play, the more fun we all can have. Some of them will be blog-based and others will not. Hopefully there will be something for everyone!

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