Monday, 14 January 2008

How to add TEXT LINKS in your sidebar

For your questionnaire, we are asking that you put a link in your sidebar to the post. To find out the permalink URL of the post, find it on your blog and click the title of your post. This should reload it to be the only visible post. The URL in the bar is the permalink (meaning permanent link).

EDIT: To be more clear about the permalink, try clicking on the title of this post - "How to add TEXT LINKS in your sidebar". It will reload and the url should look like this -

For Blogger users:

  1. Login to Dashboard.
  2. Click Layout > Page Elements > Add Page Elements
  3. Choose HTML/Java Script (click on Add to Blog button).
  4. Write [a href="http://permalink url] My UK Questionnaire [/a]
  5. Replace [ ] with < >
  6. Click Save.
For Wordpress users:
  1. Login to Dashboard
  2. Click Presentation > Widgets
  3. Drag and drop a Text Widget into your sidebar
  4. Click the Text Widget, which will pop up a new little window
  5. Write [a href="http://permalink url] My UK Questionnaire [/a]
  6. Replace [ ] with < >
  7. Close the Text Widget and click Save Changes.


Rosie said...

being superthick here, but whqat do you mean about finding a "permalink"? how do I do that?

monnibo said...

The permalink is the link to the EXACT post. When you go look at your blog, find the post you want and click on the title. The page will reload with the permalink in the URL bar:

Something like that. Does that make sense?

Knit-knacker said...

Sorry to be a pain but I've followed the instructions and the link has appeared in my sidebar, but its unclickable. Any ideas on what I can do to fix it?