Sunday, 17 August 2008

Question of the week #8

I'm a bit late this week, sorry!

What three items would you want with you on a desert island and why?

Remember you have just two weeks to get your parcels finished and in the post. I know some people have already received some amazing parcels - check out the Ravelry group if you want to see more pictures.

I'm putting the finishing touches to mine today. I should be mailed off to my pal next week sometime.



Maiden Fair Knits said...

My answer:

Squirrel said...

My answer :)

Craftyfox said...

I've caught up with the questions !!

CatR said...

My rather uninspiring answer:

twigletqueen said...

Done! Finally!

Padiham Knitter said...

Still catching up! Here's my answers