Monday, 18 August 2008

Sponsor Spotlight

Here is our second Sponsor Spotlight, Wild Fire Fibres.

Vikki has put together a sock knitting kit for her prize.


We have here a set of 2.5mm Prym bamboo dpns, a small organza bag, containing 3 very pretty red stitch markers (sorry they don't show up well in the picture, I left my husband being artistic and it didn't occur to him to get detail) and a beautiful skein of 100% Blue Faced Leicester sock yarn. The yarn is Machine washable and 400 yards, so plenty for a good pair of socks. The colourway is called Blueberry Muffin, a lovely varigated range of purples. I think it looks a bit pinkier in the photo than in person. This yarn feels really smooth and the colours really are gorgeous.

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Ari said...

That is beautiful! I've just cast on for my first ever pair of socks- I've done the cuff and am half way down the leg so far and I'm loving it! Socks do indeed rock!!